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Beer has been brewed in Holland since the dawn of humanist. Holland's hop gardens first appeared in the 14th century and breweries blossomed during the Middle Ages. Every Dutch city had a brewery, and Haarlem, Delft, Gouda, and Amersfoort produced enough beer for export to Flanders. Amsterdam became a major brewing center in the 15th century. By the 17th century there were 700 breweries in Holland and an increase in demand for beer as it was used for both drinking and cooking. These days, we drink beer for fun and relaxation. But in that period of time, it was one of the few things that could be consumed safely since water was often contaminated and milk had a very short shelf life. Because beer is made with boiled water and the hops also contribute to the sterilisation process, both adults and children drank a lot of beer in the past.   

HOLLAND CROWN is the well known brand at the intersection of two European cultures. Dutch and Austrian brewmasters were united for educational and beer production purposes. Having a new automated brewhouse, the Holland Crown is producing canned beer and bottles for regional, national and international distribution. Bottled lineup includes the best european pale golden premium lager.  Located in Eindhoven, the company get the best ingredients: hops, malt, pure natural mineral water and herbs for use in the brewing process.


The agricultural component was designed in conjunction with leading European breweries have years of beer making a legacy. Some of them dating back to a couple of centuries.

We provide customers with the finest all-natural ingredients available by utilizing fresh locally sourced products from the best Dutch farmers.  Applying the traditional method of brewing which based on classic beer making our product represents a well known European style recognized by consumers all over the world.

We are proud to continue this brewing tradition and create the next chapter in this brewery’s history. We hope you enjoy this wonderful beer made by our brewery.